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     Our Teas are made with the highest quality organic non-GMO ingredients to provide amazing benefits for healthy living:

    How our exquisite teas are made:

    • Our process starts from the time our herbs are carefully planted in healthy, organic soil. Often grown in a tropical climate, August and September are often the best times to plant.
    • Our teas are produced the way nature intended - in communities that value regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, and watershed management. We work particularly with women farmers who make up 70% of our farming communities. We embrace fair trade policies in our farms and tea estates.
    • Organic Composting in our Regenerative Farms
    • Our trees and shrubs produce their best leaves or herbs during the dry months of January and February. Fresh leaves are hand-harvested and stored in collection centers, from where they are moved to a preparation center to be power washed, dried, and gently dehydrated to below 8% moisture content.
    • Herbs are tested for microbial and heavy metal content. Once certified, they are bagged, weighed, and packaged for shipment to our manufacturing centers in the United States.
    • Upon arrival, leaves are isolated and tested again to confirm the quality before they are sent to our manufacturing lines. We use the best quality, recyclable packaging to ensure you receive the freshest, most nutrient-dense herbs in your teacup!

    What you are getting is a fully ethical product, grown by approximately 1800 small-holder farmers and workers who support over 20,000 dependents.
    So enjoy our teas knowing they are the finest, award-winning herbs packed with exquisite taste, full-body strength, and powerful aroma. 

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