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Before we talk about what to know about Graviola Leaf Extract, let us talk about the Graviola plant. It is an evergreen tree that grows in the Amazon jungles, tropical regions of Asia and Africa, as well as on the Caribbean islands.


soursop leaf extract

For centuries the plant and all its parts were traditionally used because of its therapeutic abilities. It also has a few different names including Soursop in English, Guanabana in Spanish and Graviola - which has a Brazilian Portuguese origin. Stay tuned for a lengthy discussion on the different names of Graviola and how they came about in a future blog post. For now and as a taster, just know that Soursop, Annona Muricata (scientific name) or Guanabana all refer to this amazing fruit - Graviola.

Happy and Healthy.

Now, there are a few things you need to know about Graviola Leaf extract. Firstly Graviola Leaf Extract is great when it comes to supporting healthy cell growth and function. Who doesn’t want to live healthier?! Being healthier doesn’t necessarily mean happier, but that is where Graviola Leaf Extract hits the home run. Not only does it help you live a healthier life, but it also helps calm you down, and helps to maintain a positive mood. Who knew that 2 Capsules a day could offer so many benefits? Even when capsules aren't your thing, it comes in a liquid form too. Have a look here at our Organic Liquid Graviola Leaf Extract here and the capsules here.

The more you know.

Another thing to know about our premium Graviola Leaf Extract is the fact that it is made from 100% organic Graviola Trees. Consumption of this product is vegan, so no one and no animals were harmed in the making of these products. This is an added bonus aside from it is really good for you. You can have a look at Dr. Oz talking about Graviola here where he goes more in-depth. Our Herbal Graviola Leaf Extract is made from the best of the best non-GMO Graviola Leaves. In the making of the extract no alcohol was used, no fillers, and none of those harmful preservatives either. This means you know what goes into the product, and consequently into your body. 

What’s more, Graviola Leaf Extract comes with added bonuses, not just the ones previously mentioned. If you are feeling tired, the Graviola Leaf Extract can help to relax and restore you mentally. Great for those long road trips, or having to power through to meet a deadline. If you have a case of the nerves, then allow Graviola Leaf Extract to put you at ease. What you need to know about Graviola Leaf Extract is can help ease your nerves and encourages good blood circulation. Happy mind, body, and soul. Who doesn't want that!

Fewer issues and fewer tissues.

One more thing to know about Graviola Leaf Extract is that it helps support your immune system.

In summary, our Herbal Graviola Leaf Extract is organic and full of amazing benefits and properties to help keep you going. It allows you to stress less about your health and be more at ease as you say "bless you" to others and as you appreciate your peace of mind. So let's thank Mother Nature for this amazing fruit called Graviola.

One final word - you can drink our Organic Graviola Leaf Tea every night for a night of restful sleep - delicious, relaxing, and healthy!!

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