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Okay okay ... no one really wants to talk about your 'number 2', but here is the real shocker! You need to be eliminating 3-5 times a day or at least every time after you eat. AND they need to not be hard, dry and well-formed. They need to be soft but not watery.

Why is this important? Your health and immunity start in your lower bowel, many doctors say, even to the extreme that 90% of all disease is related to the lower bowel. So what does this mean? It means you must stay regular with good health and exercise and a good supplement regimen for the harder battles. So how do we combat constipation and keep your bowels healthy? For one, exercise is an essential part.

Having strong abdominal muscles will for sure help. If your muscles are weak then the pressure during elimination will be too low. If you strengthen these muscle then you can have sufficient elimination.

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I subscribe to health newsletters and do a lot of reading on health, I have read over 30 books on diet, health, and exercise. Recently, I learned of a great exercise that will build the digestive fire, strengthen the abdominal muscles and keep your bowels moving.

It is an Ayurveda technique called Agnisar Dhouti. In Sanskrit, Agni means fire and Dhouti means "to cleanse". This technique only takes a minute or two a day and the benefits are great. It creates purification of the bowels by increasing the movement of air in the fire region of the middle abdomen. It is a pumping action of the abdomen which is much like blowing into the firebox to intensify the combustion of the fire.

The instructions begin with doing this in the early morning on an empty stomach and if possible after a bowel movement. Try and set a goal for 30 pumps per round and do 3 rounds.

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Okay, here is how to do it:

1- Stand with your legs slightly apart and knees bent. You may place your hands on your knees to support your torso. Your back should be straight and abdominal muscles relaxed.

2- Inhale deeply through your nose.

3- Exhale through your mouth, keeping your head slightly bent forward. Looking at your stomach.

4- Pull your stomach in and upwards.

5- Hold your breath and flap your abdomen back and forth (pull/relax; pull/relax) 10-12 times or as many times as you can while holding your breath, working up to the 30.

6- Release your stomach and inhale deeply. This is one round.

7- Breath normally until you feel rested and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds

Some of the benefits of Agnisar Dhouti are stimulating the immune system, improving digestion, strengthening the abdominal organs. Plus it provides relief from constipation.

For such a small effort you get great benefits. Sounds like a win-win to me! Give it a try today!

Build the fire!

Try this morning routine with an enzyme and immunity-boosting supplement such as Papaya Leaf Extract.

Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. 

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