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It's hard to find a plant with more uses than bamboo. For instance, bamboo stems are used to make natural bridges. This hard stemmed plant is also used to make furniture like chairs and tables. Love music? You can thank bamboo for the sweet, smooth sounds that come out of wind instruments like flutes and horns. Get your hands on bamboo and you could get more than a dozen uses out of the plant. Those are bamboo stem uses. What you may be less familiar with are the many healthy bamboo leaves benefits, the types of benefits that you gain while enjoying an appetizing meal. 

Vitamins in Bamboo Leaves

Let's have fun with this. So, to start, do you think that you know more than three bamboo leaves uses? Time to find out. See how many of these health benefits of bamboo leaves you know about. 

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In addition to aiding with digestion, bamboo leaves is used to reduce inflammation and support bodily temperature.1   Vitamins for healthy hair are also in bamboo. These vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin E. So, if you're looking to discover how to have healthy hair, think about adding bamboo leaves to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

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Ways to get vitamins for healthy hair from bamboo leaves in your diet are to drink a cup of Herbal Goodness Bamboo Leaf Tea in the morning or at midday just before or after dinner. You're going to love the fact that Herbal Goodness gets its bamboo leaves from farmers in places like Ecuador, areas where the earth is GMO free. 

Even more, and at a time when pay equity, women in STEM and girls' global education is finally getting the attention that it has always deserved, it's good to know that Herbal Goodness is a company that's committed to using its financial resources to support education for Africa's girls and women. Getting healthy, natural food from Herbal Goodness is similar to bamboo. You gain so much from Herbal Goodness, including products that improve digestion and strengthen hair and nails. And, like bamboo's diverse benefits, when you buy from Herbal Goodness, you also gain the chance to support work that empowers women and farmers. 

More Bamboo Leaves Benefits

That's a real dose of inner beauty. Outer beauty benefits, like healthy skin and nails, that you can get from bamboo leaves are thanks to vitamins and nutrients like zinc, iron, selenium and manganese. 

Eating bamboo leaves is a good way to get vitamins for strong nails. In China, bamboo is heated and made into bamboo vinegar to support blood circulation and healthy skin. Uses for bamboo and bamboo leaves in China date back many years. Because it has so many uses, it's good that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. 

At its tallest, bamboo grows over 60 feet. About 36 forests in China are flush with bamboo. But, this may be one of the best indications of how widely used bamboo is, whether it's used to make supplements for healthy hair, vitamins for nail growth or vitamins for clear skin. Each year about 10 million tons of bamboo is grown and harvested.1 

Before bamboo can be eaten, bamboo shoots or bamboo leaves need to be boiled. Additionally, the exterior of bamboo needs to be removed, as it's not safe to eat bamboo raw. So, before you can enjoy dried bamboo leaves uses, let a reputable food product company like Herbal Goodness do that work for you.  

Safe Bamboo to Eat

Want more advantages? Go with Herbal Goodness, a company that gets its bamboo from areas that farm in healthy soil, areas that haven't been stripped of their benefits due to harsh chemicals. Because Herbal Goodness has a direct relationship with its farmers, visiting farm areas in person, leaders of this woman owned company not only know that their products are natural. They also know their farmers personally. For these farmers, Herbal Goodness takes a portion of its profits and offers a scholarship. 

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It's this blend of care that ensures that, when you're looking for how to get your hair healthy and looking for vitamins for nails and the best supplements for glowing skin, you get safe, non-GMO bamboo. As a tip, to get the best results from bamboo leaves, try bamboo for 30 days or longer. Like the results that you see in your hair, nails and skin? Take advantage of Herbal Goodness coupons to keep getting bamboo leaves at great prices. Click here to get non-GMO bamboo leaves today.


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