Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo is a tropical fruit rich in high-profile nutrients. With its unique flavor, taste, and health-promoting qualities, the bamboo leaves easily fit into the category of new functional "super greens."

Benefits of Silica
Silica is the essence of bamboo. When one thinks of a bamboo we picture a tall and strong plant that bends and moves in the wind.  This is silica. Silica aids in strength and flexibility. We are born with a lot of silica but overtime, it diminishes.  Vegetative silica is very high in grass but not in the foods we eat.

Herbal Goodness has made tea using bamboo, which makes it easier to add to your diet. Tea infusions are a perfect way to add silica into your diet in a format that your body can absorb. The benefits of silica include:

  • Supports skin elasticity
  • Benefits teeth and gums
  • Improves connective tissue and strengthens musculoskeletal system
  • Strengthens hair and nails and encourages new growth
  • Supports cardiovascular system
  • Maintains healthy bones

 Bamboo and Soluble Fiber
In addition to silica, our bamboo leaf tea contains 4% soluble fiber which is equivalent to 1gram per cup of tea. This helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body, as well as, aid the body's waste elimination. Soluble fiber coats the lining of the digestive system. This helps to ease tension in the stomach region by relaxing the system.Slowing the digestive process also makes one feel full faster. 

Bamboo leaves, also known as bamboo shoots, are a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine and have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. These leaves are the young sprouts of the bamboo plant, and are harvested before they reach maturity. They are a rich source of nutrients and have been found to have a number of potential health benefits.


Bamboo leaves are low in calories and are a good source of dietary fiber. They are also a rich source of antioxidants, which can help to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Bamboo leaves also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, and iron.

Health Benefits

  • Bamboo leaves have also been traditionally used to support with digestion. Studies have shown that bamboo leaves may support the gut and may also help to improve the balance of good bacteria in the gut.


Bamboo leaves have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.  They were also used as a natural remedy for healthy skin.

In addition to their medicinal uses, bamboo leaves have also been used as a food source for centuries. They are a staple ingredient in many Asian dishes and are often used in soups, stir-fries, and steamed dishes. Please note that Bamboo leaves are considered as food and are not evaluated by the FDA as a dietary supplement. 

In conclusion, Bamboo leaves are a nutritious and delicious ingredient that has a long history of use in traditional cuisine. They may provide a number of potential health benefits and can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. If you are interested in trying bamboo leaves, you can find them at your local Asian market, specialty store or online.


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