How Our Papaya Leaf is Processed | Herbal Goodness

Did you know that Papaya also has many varieties such as  Criolla, Red Lady and Maradol varieties?

At Herbal Goodness, we offer you a range of amazing products made with papaya and papaya leaves and, if you have been wondering how we process the leaves into the final products, we will walk you through the steps.

The leaf processing begins with a careful selection of the raw papaya leaves. We only pick the best leaves which have desired properties. These leaves are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt as well as to reduce the microbial load.

The cleaned leaves are dried at an optimum temperature of 60 °c - 70 °c for a period of 2 hours. At a higher temperature and a longer time, nutritional losses may occur.

How our papaya leaves are processedThe central vein of the papaya leaf has much higher moisture content than the rest of the leaf.  For this reason, it is customary to dry the center veins separately from the rest of the leaf, considering a long time that it takes the center vein to reach the desired moisture level. 

The peripheral veins dehydrate at a similar rate to the rest of the leaf and therefore, poses no problem.

After drying, the leaves are milled and further processed into our Herbal Papaya Teas. The center vein is included in the final milled product

For our bulk dried leaves sample, it includes the stems and leaves - Stem means twig in this case, not the larger part of the branch which is also included in the dried leaves.

And that explains the beautiful process of converting the raw papaya leaves into your favorite papaya leaf products.

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