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Have you heard about organic herbal supplements but don’t know how they are beneficial?  Read this article to learn more about herbal remedies and why organic herbal supplements are the preferred choice.

What are herbal remedies?

Herbs are plants considered to offer key therapeutic benefits.  These botanicals can be used for cooking, to help improve health, or for spiritual purposes.  Herbal remedies have been around for centuries, used by our ancestors before pharmaceutical drugs were available. 

In recent years, more people are turning to herbs as a complementary or alternative approach to synthetically made drugs.  Herbs may offer a more cost-effective option with reduced side effects.  Further, while pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed to treat symptoms of a disease, herbal remedies holistically aid in the body’s health and wellness.

People often ask, “Are herbs food or medicine?”  That is a great question!  In many cultures, herbs are considered both.  They can be used in cooking to improve flavor and aroma, while also offering valuable nutrients.   Plus, preparations can be made for additional health benefits.

Food vs medicine

"A man may esteem himself happy when

that which is his food is also his medicine."

- Henry David Thoreau 

*** Know the benefits and risk before taking any herbal supplement.

Herbal extractions can be potent. Basic guidelines must be adhered to when ingesting herbs beyond normal food quantity amounts. 

Before taking an herbal supplement, you should first…

  • Trust the source. Whether it is a homemade remedy or a purchased supplement, know the quality of the ingredients and production methods.
  • Read the label. Follow the recommended dosage instructions.
  • Review possible contraindications of each herbal ingredient with your Doctor or Pharmacist. Especially if you are pregnant or having certain medical conditions, it is always advised to discuss the use of herbal supplements with a medical expert. 
  • Avoid combining herbs and medications without medical advice.
  • Ask your Pediatrician before considering herbal supplements for children. Some herbs may be contraindicated for those under a certain age, and the correct dosage amounts will need to be modified.
  • Choose organic when available!

Organic Herbal Supplements

Organic herbs are preferable.  Plants bioaccumulate substances from their environments, such as pesticides, herbicides, harsh chemicals, and pollutants.  These substances can be toxic to people, animals, and our planet!  With organic herbs, chemicals have not been added during the plant’s growth, production, or preservation. 

How do you know if your herbal supplement is organic?  Legally, organic products must go through an organic certification process to include the certified organic label on their packaging.

Which botanical supplement should I choose?

There are hundreds of botanicals with differing therapeutic benefits that can be combined in millions of different ways. The shelves are filled with herbal supplements from countless suppliers. How do you know which supplement to choose?

First, why are you wanting to try a supplement?  People use supplements for a large variety of reasons.  Whether you have specific herbal nutrition goals, or just want a natural mood enhancer, it is important to research the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of each botanical you are considering. 

Then, it is important to know the safe way to use a supplement.  Know if there are any contraindications and the safe amount to take.  Ask your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Finally, choose quality. Select certified organic products.  Also, look for manufacturers that offer non-GMO, fair trade, and sustainably sourced herbs.  Choose a brand you can trust!

Who offers the best organic herbal products?

Herbal Goodness offers high quality organic and non-genetically modified herbal supplements.  See what products are offered at www.herbalgoodness.com.

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