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1. REST: I know this sounds simple, but put the pie pan down and get some ZZZ's. Your immune system will thank you for it.

2. EAT HEALTHY. You are about to embark on a hard mission, eating and drinking your heart out at Thanksgiving. Try and take care of your body both before and after this feasting, as your body is not really prepared for such gluttony. Think SALADS, GREEN SMOOTHIES, JUICING, HERBAL TEAS, SUPPLEMENTS.

3. SUPPLEMENTS. Take the big three: Probiotics, Enzymes, & Vitamin C. You can get the last two from papaya leaf! Probiotics need to be from a non-dairy source if possible as dairy creates mucus in the lungs which can hinder the first line of defense of your immune system. Your lungs have a delicate balance and dairy inhibits the immune response within the lungs. Take some papaya leaf extract or tea twice daily.

4. DE-STRESS: I know this is a tough one, but it will really help. Maybe bring some classical music or meditation tracks to add to your smartphone or tablet and listen to on the plane or in the car. Have a secret code with your spouse when you need to detach from the family and just go to your safe spot to meditate, scream in a pillow, take a shower, pray, or whatever you need to do to unwind. Being around family for so long and in a concentrated environment can heighten your stress levels and bring your immunity down. So just take 10 seconds or 30 minutes and de-stress once a day.

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Traveling Safe This Season

1. TIRES: Check all four tires BEFORE you leave and make sure you add air if needed. This does wonders and can make all the difference in a slippery spot, going over something sharp, or in an accident.

2. FLUIDS: Check your oil and wiper fluid, make sure you fill-up the tank just in case there isn't a lot of stations in your route. Make sure you have plenty of water and drinks for everyone in the car or on a trip to the airport.

3. EMERGENCY KIT: First aid kit, flashlight, jack, extra blankets, emergency food/snacks. Are all good for a road trip, especially with kids. Most airlines let you bring in snack goodies now too and drinks for your babies.

4. MAP IT OUT: Check out the routes and make a choice and second choice to get to your destination. Print out directions or buy a map. This helps because sometimes you don't have cell service for GPS or your GPS in the car doesn't work. It's a great back up and reduces the chances of getting lost.

By: Jessica Oren, CLD, CFH


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