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Mean platelet volume (MPV) helps blood to clot. Of course, if blood clots too much, that can be dangerous. However, should you or someone who you love get cut or injured, the work that MPV does can prevent excessive bleeding1. However, mean platelet volume can change. For instance, you can strengthen red blood cells by eating leafy vegetables and dried fruit. This includes raisins. While you're here, check out the Herbal Goodness blood and platelet support products. 

At Herbal Goodness, you'll find easy ways to support your blood and platelets. And, you're wise to want to learn more about MPV and how you could support your overall health. Below is more on MPV, mean platelet volume and MPV blood test. 

MPV Levels

A normal mean platelet range or volume is between 7.2 and 11.7 fl (femtoliter). As with many similar ranges, these volumes were determined by observing MPV in women and men. The mean MPV for the people included in a 2011 MPV study was 8.9 fl.2 However, as with any test, it's important that you consult your physician. Why? Genetic, dietary or other factors could impact your MPV blood, including cause your MPV levels to be high or low. 

Yes. It's possible to have an elevated MPV. In fact, it's been reported that obesity could make the MPV blood test high. Living in high altitudes can also alter blood platelets. So too could a menstrual cycle. Exercising a lot is another thing that can change your blood platelets. 

If you're even more curious about MPV, a simple way to explain MPV meaning in blood tests is to understand that MPV is made up of your blood platelets and blood cells. This includes your red and white blood cells. 

Testing MPV Levels

To get a thorough reading of your platelets and blood cells, your physician might order a complete blood count (CBC) test.3  This allows your physician to see how your blood cells are behaving. The MPV lab test is part of the CBC. During the MPV lab test, the average count of your platelets is measured. 

A low MPV blood test could be a sign of bowel and other issues. Medicines could also cause you to report a low MPV blood test. On the other hand, elevated MPV could signal different issues. Your physician can walk you through the results of your MPV blood test and let you know if the tests are within the normal range and, if not, what could be done to help. 

You may be happy to learn that it's fairly easy to test MPV blood. In fact, you can get your MPV levels tested during your annual physical. For example, your doctor might order an MPV blood test if you share with your doctor that you've been feeling tired or weak, even after a long night of sleep. Check this out. It takes about five minutes to gather a blood sample for the lab test. Try to relax while you wait to receive the results of your test. 

Healthy Blood Support

While you're relaxing, during the mornings and afternoons, enjoy a cup of Herbal Goodness Papaya Blood Support Tea. Supporting your blood cells and platelets is a good way to improve your immunity. If you're looking for a healthy snack, try Herbal Goodness organic, non-GMO Papaya Leaves. This is a dried bulk herb that comes in an easy to carry pouch that you can open and close in a zip. 

A good thing about getting your products from Herbal Goodness is that the company not only uses organic, non-GMO products, Herbal Goodness makes it a point to actually know what goes into their products. This is very important to the entrepreneurs who run this woman-owned and managed company. 

herbal goodness papaya leaf extract

Every batch of the ingredients used in Herbal Goodness' products is thoroughly tested. In fact, all of Herbal Goodness' products are Kosher-Certified in a United States facility that is FDA inspected. You might be surprised to learn that Herbal Goodness leaders also visit the very farms where ingredients for its products come from. A truly caring company, Herbal Goodness even offers a scholarship to its farmers' families. This is the same pioneering company that is donating as much as 10% of its profits to help provide African girls with a solid STEM education. Click here to buy Herbal Goodness organic blood and platelet support products. 

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