How to Wake Up Like A Rockstar | Herbal Goodness

Tips on how to wake up your best self every day of the week. 

January is a time to stay motivated and stay on top of your goals and accomplishments. Waking up the right way and with the right mindset can completely change how productive you are on a daily basis. These are our tips to make sure you wake up your best self every single day.

Don’t hit the snooze button

Those few extra minutes, as heavenly as they may seem, are simply not worth it. Science has proven that instead of continuing your sleep cycle when you nod back off to sleep, your sleep cycle starts over again from the beginning. When you’re woken up a second (or third, or fourth) time, you’re likely at a deeper stage of your sleep cycle than you were before because it’s at the beginning of your sleep cycle. Waking up at a deeper point of your cycle will actually make you feel much worse once you actually get out of bed

It also disrupts your internal clock when you’re constantly getting up at different times of the morning, and it will probably make you feel more groggy in the long-run. Instead of hitting that snooze button, hop out of bed and welcome the day with a positive attitude.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

Your body just went hours without any kind of hydration, so it's no surprise how refreshed you can feel with drinking a 16 oz glass of water immediately after you wake up. Water will not only rehydrate you from your hibernation, but will also help to fire up your metabolism, help your body feel fresh, and make your brain more alert and awake from the get-go.

Set an intention for the day

This is such an important point and one that most people pass over during their morning routine. Set aside just a minute or two before you start into your day at full speed to set an intention for the day. What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals? Pick one word to focus on or a few important tasks to accomplish. Whatever will make you start your day with a clear intention will make you feel more motivated and focused.


This can blend into setting your intention for the day, but meditation is another morning habit that everyone should include in their daily lives. Even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes, take the time to sit and clear your mind after your intention has been set. You’ll feel the stress melt away and a well-focused mindset when you come back to your morning routine.

Have your clothes picked out the night before

When your brain is still waking up, the last thing you want to do is make decisions. It’s so simple to take a few minutes the night before to lay out the clothes you’ll wear the next day. Your morning will cruise along smoothly and you’ll have time for the more important things, such as my next point.

Take the time to do something you enjoy doing

Wake up early enough so that you can actually do an activity you enjoy before jumping headfirst into work. It could be a morning session of yoga, a jog around the block, a journal catch-up, a new chapter in the book you can’t put down, or working on a new song on guitar. 

Whatever your passion or hobby outside of work, make time for it before you start your day and you’ll probably feel happier heading out to take on the day.

Make a playlist to get you out the door on time

Set-up a playlist on Spotify or iTunes that runs just short of the length of time you have to get out the door. You’ll have your routine down pat after a week and have your favorite tunes to act as a motivator each day.

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Make a list the night before of your most important tasks for the next day

Creating a list of the most important tasks you want to get done the next day can help with you creating an intention the next morning. Instead of being frazzled and trying to remember what you were meant to do today, set out a (manageable) task list of what you want to get done the night before. You’ll wake up feeling organized and ready to start the day with a clear list of goals to tackle to keep you on track.

These are our favorite tips that help us feel like a rockstar when we wake up, would you add anything to the list?