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Happy Thanksgiving family traditions in the United States date back to 1621, the year that Wampanoag Indians and colonists dined on an autumn feasts together. During those early meals, food items like lobster, swan and seal made up parts of the menu. More than 200 years would pass before Thanksgiving was declared an official United States holiday. That happened when President Abraham Lincoln declared November as the month to celebrate Happy Thanksgiving nationally.1

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Happy Thanksgiving Celebrations

Since then, millions of Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving with their families, friends and neighbors. In fact, the period around Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times in the United States. It's not uncommon for millions of Americans to be on the road driving or traveling by airplane during this time. As much a headache as the busy roadways and crowded airports can feel, there's a blessed reason behind the increased traffic. 

People are excited to have the chance to connect with their loved ones in person. Of course, there's the traditional Thanksgiving dishes that children and adults love feasting on. Depending on your family, happy Thanksgiving family traditional dishes might be a roasted or deep fried turkey, collard greens or seasoned green beans. Other happy Thanksgiving family dishes that have become a tradition include sweet potatoes, homemade stuffing, fruit pies and macaroni and cheese. 

This year, you might be focused on adding organic foods to your Happy Thanksgiving menu. For example, you might want to add organic, non-GMO ingredients like Herbal Goodness herbal liquid extracts, plant-based dried leaves and herbs to your Thanksgiving recipes. If you and your family are good about keeping in touch throughout the year, you could use Thanksgiving, especially if you start cooking with organic ingredients, to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. 

Happy Thanksgiving Family

Crowning delicious Thanksgiving food are Happy Thanksgiving family decorations. On top of that, there's the Thanksgiving music, sports competitions, movies and holiday television shows. Thanksgiving is a holiday that never grows old. It's a holiday when you never tire of seeing  close family. Yet, it's possible to liven the day up so that it's a memorable happy thanksgiving everyone event. To have a more engaging Happy Thanksgiving this year, check out these ideas. Most of the following ideas can lead to great fun for children and adults. 

  • Spend the night over a relative's home. Have fun watching new movies and traditional holidays flicks that you're family loves.
  • Enjoy a light breakfast of fresh fruit, oats and Herbal Goodness organic tea. You can get Herbal Goodness organic teas in varieties like papaya leaf, graviola leaf, guava leaf, bamboo leaf and moringa. Additional varieties that you can get Herbal Goodness organic, non-GMO tea in include guayusa leaf, cat's claw and gymnema sylvestre leaf.
  • Go sledding with family and friends who are healthy enough to go sledding if you are celebrating Thanksgiving in an area where it's snowing. This is definitely an event that the kids and adults in your family can enjoy.
  • Pamper yourself with a trip to the spa the day before or after Thanksgiving. But, don't go alone. Take your relatives with you. If you don't live close to relatives and aren't traveling home this Thanksgiving, treat yourself to a spa visit with trusted neighbors and friends. No rushing. Relax. Take your mind off of work and enjoy being cared for by receiving a relaxing massage, pedicure or by chilling in a sauna.
  • Watch a Thanksgiving Parade live in the city where you're spending Thanksgiving this year. Kids in your family may love watching the Thanksgiving floats pass in the parade, making the parade a real happy Thanksgiving everyone event.
  • Play a board game. Better yet, your family could have fun playing an interactive game like Family Feud or Charades.
  • Share thanksgiving stories with each other. For instance, you and your family and friends could take turns sharing one to three blessings that you're thankful for this year. Simply go around the dining table sharing and listening to each other's stories. By the time the last person shares her story, your sense of appreciation may have gone way up.
  • Cap the evening with a walk around the neighborhood of the relative's home that you've all gathered at for a happy Thanksgiving.
  • Sing holiday songs while you rake leaves in the backyard or while you enjoy an evening walk around the neighborhood.
  • Bring out children's and adult coloring books. Have fun drawing and coloring pictures. To focus on the holiday, work with Thanksgiving themed coloring books.
  • Wrap up the evening by sitting in your favorite chair sipping a cup of organic Herbal Goodness papaya leaf tea. 

Get creative. There are many ways to create happy Thanksgiving everyone activities. Have fun creating precious memories for the children and adults in your family. At Herbal Goodness, we truly share a wish for a Happy Thanksgiving everyone this year. 

Happy Thanksgiving Plant-Based Herbs

Herbal Goodness Matcha Leaf Tea Powder

Organic, non-GMO ingredients could serve as a good start to you and your family making a rewarding lifestyle change. Have fun preparing Happy Thanksgiving dishes that offer a range of plant-based, non-GMO extracts, less processed ingredients and full-of-flavor vegetables, side dishes, desserts and meats and you and your family could decide to start eating healthier meals. 

And, you don't have to dig deep into your wallet to pay for organic products. For instance, you can get Herbal Goodness herbal teas and bulk herbs for less than $30. There's also the chance to increase your savings with a Herbal Goodness gift certificate. A good way to stay aware of discounts and special news for Herbal Goodness non-GMO products is to subscribe to the Herbal Goodness newsletter.

Fortunately, you can get Herbal Goodness organic, plant-based products that are GMO free without leaving the comforts of your home. Simply shop with Herbal Goodness online. Shopping with Herbal Goodness puts you in touch with a healthy products company that is owned and managed by a woman. Here's another fact. If you're looking for a Happy Thanksgiving everyone detail, Herbal Goodness donates up to 10% of its profits to the WAAW Foundation. 

The WAAW Foundation is a Nigeria based organization that supports the education of girls and women in Africa. Also, Herbal Goodness supports organic farming. It does this, in part, by empowering farmers committed to increasing organic, chemical free food products. We'd also like to take this time to say from our Herbal Goodness family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Click here to get Herbal Goodness organic herbs, teas and extracts for Thanksgiving. 

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