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Don't let overindulgence get you down this holiday season! If you can't resist the excess, follow these tips to find a healthy balance again in your life. 

We always recommend moderation as the best course of action for most aspects of life, but the holidays are a difficult time not to indulge unless you have self-control of steel.

We're not here to judge anyone for what they want to indulge in this holiday season. Instead, we'd like to help you out if you happen to go a little overboard at that Christmas work party coming up.

We're only human and it happens to the strictest of us, but it's important to focus on what to do once the damage is done. Don't make indulgence a habit, but be proactive about owning up to it and supporting your body through the worst.   

Why, might you ask, is our digestive system such an important component to our health? Well besides feeling crummy after indulging in too rich or too much food, a healthy digestive system is the key to longevity and preventing degenerative issues later in life.

If you're just unable to resist another serving of turkey or that scrumptious peppermint bark (for the 3rd time today), never fear! We have you covered to get you back on track and ready for the new year, feeling healthier and happier than ever. 

Herbal Tea 

Avoiding caffeine and hitting herbal tea can be one of the best ways to support your immune system and make you feel refreshed.

Mint, chamomile, and lemongrass teas are especially great for a variety of health benefits, but most importantly, they all aid your digestive system in some way. 

Herbal teas are also a good way to increase your hydration, but make sure to also be drinking more water on a regular basis around the holidays if you're prone to overeating or drinking alcohol excessively. 

Papaya Seeds 

Sometimes what you need after a night or week of indulgence is a complete reset. Papaya seeds can help with maintaining liver health after one too many mulled wines, hot toddies, or glasses of champagne. 

In addition, papaya seeds are also great for digestion because they have the natural enzyme, papain. 

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Green Smoothies/Juices

Green smoothies and juices are another option to consider for cleaning out your system. They not only help with digestion but replenish you with a variety of helpful and important nutrients. 

Get creative and try your own version of a green smoothie, mixing and matching a few of the best ingredients for digestion, such as pineapples, ginger, parsley, avocados, lemon juice, celery, spinach, flax seeds, and cucumbers. 

Natural Enzymes

Pineapples and papayas are perfect digestion aids due to their natural enzymes in the form of bromelain and papain, respectively. They are both important enzymes for breaking down the nutrients that our daily food intake provides us with. 

Focusing on finding the best natural enzymes to help with digestion can provide relief from a variety of health issues.   

Fiber-Rich Foods

A lot of holiday type meals lack a very important piece to a healthy digestive tract - fiber! Without fiber, your digestive system actually slows down and it takes longer for foods to get through your body. 

Get your fill of fiber-rich foods during and after the holidays to keep your digestive tract at optimal health. Fiber-rich foods include bran, beans, berries, sweet peas, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, squash, wholesome whole grains, and a variety of everyday fruits. 

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As you may have noticed from a lot of our articles, ginger is a very powerful addition to any healthy diet. Ginger is great for digestion because it speeds up the journey of food from the stomach to the small intestine. It is also known for balancing gastric juices. 

Ginger is the perfect remedy if you suffer from bloating, intestinal gas, or a regular upset stomach from rich foods.  

Fermented Foods

The big secret to why fermented foods are a great comeback for digestive health after the holidays is because of the stress that comes with the season. 

Stress is horrible for digestion. It actually has the power to destroy the healthy bacteria in your large intestine. If you're prone to stress around this time of the year, think about taking a probiotic supplement, or even better, eating a few fermented foods on a regular basis. 

Plain yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi are great to add to your diet for increasing the number of healthy bacteria in your system. 

Work Out

This suggestion is perhaps one of the more obvious ones, but working out is always a great response to bad eating habits and holiday-induced stress. 

Working up a sweat not only helps your metabolism but increases your energy levels and keeps your digestive system running smoothly. 

If you just had a huge meal, don't get out and immediately do strenuous exercise for the next hour. Instead, think about walking around the block instead of giving into the tryptophan drowsiness. By doing this you can reduce your chance of heartburn and support speedy digestion while you're at it. 

How Herbal Papaya is helping this holiday season 

Because we care about your holiday health at Herbal Papaya, we're offering a special December promotion to aid with speeding up your metabolism and giving you digestion support. 

At any time during the month of December, if you buy a bottle of Papaya Leaf Weight Loss Support Capsules, you'll receive a box of Papaya Leaf Mint Tea for FREE. 

Weight Loss Digestion Promotion

Our weight loss capsules are made with red raspberry and green coffee bean to help promote healthy weight naturally while supporting efficient digestive system functions. The capsules help to suppress appetite, provide energy, and give your body the tools to properly digest food through a boost in metabolism. 

Our Papaya Leaf Tea, on the other hand, is a great after-meal treat to maintain and support a healthy digestive system. Mint Papaya Leaf tea helps your digestive tract through the natural enzyme, papain, and the gentle healing properties of mint. 

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What do you do to overcome holiday indulgence? How do you prefer to support your body at the end of the year?

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