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Summertime is bonding time. It is a time to take a break and bond with yourself, then nature, but most importantly with family. With the kids off school, you ought to seek creative ways to give them a perfect and memorable summer experience. Also, you and your partner—casting your minds back to when you had all the fun before kids and work—can relive and revive your romance. So here are fun summer activities for the whole family selected for you.

  1. Traveling: Through traveling, you connect with not just your nuclear but also extended family. Excite the kids with a trip to visit their grandparents, favorite aunts, and uncles, nieces and nephews. Travelling affords a good opportunity for the whole family to experience the stories embedded within cities and people. We would recommend road trips or train travels (except in large distances where air travels are completely necessary) because these trips help the family not only bond with themselves but with nature.


  1. Picnics: Common but never old, picnics are fun ways to connect with the family during the summer holidays. Evenings are perfect moments for picnics because the sun drowns into the sky, leaving an orange horizon which adds spice and color to the whole experience. Picnics can be spiced with outdoor cooking and board games.


  1. Books and Book reading: It is interesting that World Book Lovers’ Day (celebrated every August 9) falls on the summer. What better way to spend this day than to visit a local library with the kids, borrow books, and head home or to a park for a family book reading. Also, during this day, bookstores organize book reading events and sometimes invite prominent authors. This can be a great time for the whole family to connect with favorite authors and get an autographed copy of a book.


  1. Volunteering at a local farm or animal shelter: Unlike the winter, the summer provides an awesome opportunity for individuals to bond with nature. Bearing this in mind, you and your family can visit a local farm that is open to the public and volunteer with some activities. If volunteering isn’t allowed or necessary, this still affords the whole family experience of learning about the earth and its interaction with plants and animals.

Furthermore, the family can visit an animal shelter to see and probably go on a walk with different kind of pets. Visiting a zoo is another great option.

  1. Swimming: A family that swims together cools together. While the family swims, the fun can be spiced up with games such as ping pong, treasure hunt, or a variation of water polo.


  1. Hiking: Hiking alone is fun, but hiking in a group—especially with a family—adds to the fun. Although the hiking distance might be cut short so that the kids do not get weary, it is still a perfect time for the whole family to observe nature and its many beauties like squirrels climbing trees, a colony of ants foraging for food, the flight of migrating swallows, and the dry, prickly pebbles of sand. Kids would definitely love these things.


  1. Capturing Summer Memories: Since summer is a bonding time for the whole family, it is expedient that you and the kids find ways of capturing these memories. One way to do this is through photography. Whether with a camera or a phone, take photos of the family eating at a picnic, having a cookout, or even reading a book at a bookstore. Ensure that none of the events fade with the setting of the sun.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Painting is another method to capture your memories. They might not have the perfect the strokes, there might be a lot of coloring outside the lines, but framing the paintings by you and the kids would always take your mind to moments you will always cherish.

Finally, journals. Use words as wormholes. Make sure you chronicle every activity you undertook with family during the summer. You can get a diary. Or even start a blog because the internet never forgets.

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