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School is out for the summer. Your kids are excited, looking forward to being out of the classroom. It's a great time for family bonding. But, there's just one thing. You're stumped about which activities to do with kids, including free things to do with kids that the whole family will enjoy. Here's a tip. Explore family fun places near where you live. 

Family Fun Places

A good place to find these spots is your local newspaper. In fact, your local newspaper might have a special section that lists fun activities for teens and fun indoor activities for kids. Better yet, you might find great listings in free local papers. 

Here are types of fun activities that these free papers spotlight: 

  • Fun science experiments at nearby museums
  • Touch and explore exhibits tours that are stopping in your town. If you check out this option, let your kids actually touch the exhibits. In addition to being fun, it's a great way for kids to learn.
  • Fun indoor activities for kids that you can enjoy include dance classes, sporting events, and skating.
  • Local zoo animal petting activities
  • Rock climbing guided tours that teach your kids and you about hidden gems right under your noses in the city where you live
  • Escape rooms - just make sure that the challenge level of escape rooms that your family visits align with your kids' ages. This is important because some escape rooms can be tough for curious, risk-taking adults to get out of.
  • Bowling at an entertainment center that offers bouncing and climbing games for kids
  • Visit a nearby trampoline park
  • Kickball in your back yard
  • Crochet - it's like golf but, loads of fun for kids
  • Scavenger hunt - your kids and you can enjoy this Fun Friday event indoors or outdoors 

Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Many of the above activities are also fun things to do on a rainy day. Getting creative and flexing your artistic skills while you bring coloring books to life is a great way to bond as a family when it's raining outside. Playing video games, especially video games that encourage learning, is another great way to have fun while strengthening family bonds. 

While you're indoors, have fun cooking healthy food and shakes like nutritious guava leaf tea shakes and smoothies. Papaya bread, bamboo with stir-fried mushrooms, and Graviola coconut smoothies are easy-to-make healthy recipes that you could have fun preparing with your kids. On top of being fun to prepare, these recipes support your kids' and your wellness. Who knows? 

 Your kids might even start asking you to help them make healthy smoothies and healthy shakes after they return to school. Just make sure that you get your papaya, Graviola, and guava products from a company that only uses natural, non-GMO products. Herbal Goodness is one of those socially conscious companies. 

Outdoor Activities For Kids Near Me

Of course, of all the fun things that your kids and you can do, little may top fun outdoor activities. The tried and true amusement park, especially if your kids like roller coasters and water rides, is a sure winner. Another outdoor winner is a visit to a large playground that has six or more equipment pieces like a sliding board, monkey bars, swings, discovery center, nature hike, tunnels, and coves. 

And, don't rule out camping outdoors in your backyard. You could even watch family movies on a tablet while you snack on Herbal Goodness guava leaves and popcorn. Or sing songs and play brain games. Make it fun! 

Include crafts for 2-year-olds and activities for 4-year-olds if you have little kids. For crafts for 2-year-olds, all you might need is construction paper, safety scissors, crayons, ribbon, tape, or glue. Let your kids get creative! 

herbal_goodness_guava_leaf_teaAlso, ask your kids what they would like to do indoors and outdoors. You might be surprised at the creative ideas that your kids come up with. For example, your teens might know about fall activities for toddlers, sleepover ideas for teens, and fun painting ideas. At the end of a fun day spent visiting nearby events with your kids, relax and treat yourself to a warm cup of guava leaf tea. Click here to get Herbal Goodness products. 

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