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The fundamentals of our body are our health- physical and mental. These require dedicated care and looking after if one is to maintain their health and keep in tip-top shape. Immunity is a key aspect of a person's health. Immunity is a person's tolerance and resistance against diseases caused by viruses and other factors. Since it is an element of health, immunity, too, can be improved upon and developed with good practices and habits. A healthy person with high immunity does not fall ill easily and is hence, both physically and mentally fit than a person with poor immunity, who is susceptible to weaknesses and frequent ill health.

 Here are 6 tips to increase your internal immunity.

 Load up the Vitamins

Vitamins are the nutrients that are responsible for our general body health and functioning ease. Consuming a suitable amount of Vitamins is necessary in order to keep our body fit and impervious to diseases. A good diet consisting of all the Vitamins you need, namely A, B, C, D, E, and K is crucial for fitness. However, varying sources of Vitamins can also be tapped into to increase the number of natural Vitamins our system is subjected to. Vitamins increase the activity of antibodies in our body which fight the pathogens responsible for diseases, hence leading to a healthier, happier you.

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 Adequate Sleep

Sufficient rest is key to a rigid immune system. Many times we find ourselves or our peers falling ill due to lack of sleep from a busy working schedule. Our body regenerates dead cells during the time we sleep. Essentially, our sleep is used by the body to heal and recover from fatigue. If we lose sleep, our body does not get the respite it requires to maintain healthy levels, and falling prey to diseases is easier. We require at least 7 hours of a sound sleep in order to recover fully each night, and if this number is met, we will find ourselves falling ill rather more infrequently. Try using essential oils to sleep better, apply essential oils before sleeping for better sleep experience.

 Healthy Food Choices

Healthy, wholesome foods rich in macro and micronutrients provide the basis for a stable and solid immunity. Eating regularly and, equally importantly, eating a clean and balanced diet, low on processed foods can help in restructuring a system in order to boost immunity. Also, foods that directly strengthen the immune system are credited with aiding white blood cell count growth must be consumed in ample quantities. A good metabolism and a healthy immune system are built in the kitchen, making a disciplined and rich diet key to our immunity goal.

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 Avoid indulging

Oral fixation in the form of drinking and smoking is detrimental to our health in more than one way. Apart from directly affecting parts of our body individually, such as the liver on excessive consumption of alcohol and the lungs on excessive smoking, indulging in these activities lands a major blow on the immune potential of our body. The body goes into toxic shock due to binging on substance, leading to poor nutrition and WBC(White Blood Cell) count. Responsible for immunity breakdown on a small scale, indulging in substance should be avoided at all costs.

 Regular Exercise for a healthy body

 Exercise and physical activities are essential for a healthy heart. The heart regulates blood flow to our body, and the more the blood flows, the more the action of White blood cells. Working out in some way, be it cardio or resistance training is beneficial for overall health and physical maintenance, which aids in developing a good immunity towards pathogens. Being dormant and inactive creates a weakness in our system which gets used to a lazy lifestyle, and gets less efficient in dealing with disease factors. A good physique is linked with good health through the level of nourishment in the blood which flows through our body, which can be boosted through effective metabolism promoted by workouts.

 Our health and wellness must never be compromised. Proper method and procedure must be followed so that we remain in prime physical condition, as a result of which our efficiency in cognitive and functional ventures remains at a high level. By following these six tips, we ensure that all sources for good immunity are tapped into, from which our health and well-being benefits. A healthy, active body is productive, efficient, and is generally happier than a plagued, weak body. Immunity is key to this happiness, and with the right care and concern, we can rid ourselves of minor or major illnesses for a substantial duration

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