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When you are health conscious, going to a party can sometimes seem daunting. You can choose to eat beforehand, but the chances are you will get hungry again and the fatty finger foods will start calling out your name. You can choose to stand by the veggies and dips stands, but those sometimes don’t even make an appearance. So instead, why not take along your own healthy appetizers to your next party? Here is a list of 5 healthy appetizers you could bring to your next party.

Apple Ring Doughnuts.

apple ring donut

First up we have the apple doughnut rings. These are great to satisfy the need for a crunch as well as the nutty lust. Easily cut up the apple so it is in think slices, but do not forget to cut out the middle with one of those handy apple cork cutters. Then you will have the perfect ring shape! Lather some peanut butter, or nut butter of your choice, over the apple slices and sprinkle with chopped up nuts. Freeze them until you leave for your party. Delicious, healthy and they look so irresistible.

3 Ingredient Cookies.

healthy appetizers

For something more chocolaty, you can whip up a three-ingredient banana chocolate cookie. These are so easy to make. In a bowl mash up 2 bananas. This is enough 1/3 cup of banana. Add 3 TBS of cocoa powder, and chocolate pieces if you are feeling naughty. Lastly, add a cup of quick oats. Mix well, separated into balls and flatten them out on a baking tray. Bake for 20 mins at 180 degrees. For added spice and everything nice add some Organic Graviola Fruit Powder, 2 TBS into the mix.

Fruit Rolls.

healthy appetizers

How about something chewier? Blend up some raspberries, 250g to be exact. Add 8oz of Organic Graviola Rooibos chai tea. Roll out onto a baking tray and leave in the oven for 45-50 mins at 180, or until dry and sticky. For that added flair, leave to cool and cut into strips. Roll these strips up, cover in a baking paper as if it were a sweet and tie a bow to each end. Super duper healthy snack, and is great for adults and children alike.

Jello Shots.

jello shots

Jello shots time! These do not need to have alcohol involved, and they actually taste better without the alcohol sometimes, especially when Graviola is involved. Any DIY jello kit pack will do here; prepare the jello following the directions on the package. One packet should be enough for 12 shot glasses. For an added delicious kick and boosted health factor, add 3 spoons of Organic Liquid Graviola Leaf Extract. Pour out into shot glasses and let set in the fridge. Happy mind, body, and soul. Just what every party needs.

Flavourful Florentines.

flavorful florentines

Lastly, why not wow your fellow partygoers with amazing looking florentines. Melt a bar or two of dark chocolate, not forgetting to add Organic Graviola fruit powder, mix and place dollops onto a baking tray and sprinkle on top of each different flavorings including but not limited to, chopped up almonds, dried fruits, and for that added kick a little tiny bit of sea salt.

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Uhmmmmmm Delicious!!!

Not only will you know which healthy appetizers to bring to your next party, but you will be bringing the party! Once everyone has tasted your delicious appetizers they will be wanting more. But do not be fooled, you do not need a party to make these snacks, they work well as those in between meals.

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