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Years ago, you may have heard people who hold onto clutter referred to as "rat packs". Today, hoarding is a term used for the practice of holding onto clutter. Yet, you don't have to hoard to be living in a space that's filled with clutter, a space fit for a declutter challenge. 

Get Clean With 30 Day Declutter Challenge

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We also know that life gets busy. And, it can become easy to start living with clutter. Because clutter can build and have psychological impact, we're sharing declutter challenges you can do at home. But, first, check out these signs that you might benefit from working with a declutter list: 

  • Inability to find household goods, clothes, receipts, recent purchases, etc.
  • Stuffed bedroom, kitchen and dining room drawers
  • Closets so packed that you cannot close the closet doors
  • Counters are completely covered with papers and objects
  • Floor space is covered with gadgets, toys, decorations, etc., to the point that when you try to declutter before and after the weekend, it's still hard to find much free floor space at your home 

Declutter Challenge Benefits

Those are the living space signs that it may be time to create a decluttering list. We'll cover how to develop a declutter list further in this article. Equally as important, here's how decluttering could impact your psyche. 

  • Win at a personal 30 day declutter challenge and you could reduce stress1
  • Sleep better at night
  • Feel more energized
  • Improve your self-esteem 

Throughout the process of cleaning your house, you'll stay in control of the declutter your home checklist. And, now - how to create your personal decluttering list. 

Start room by room. If the decluttering challenge feels daunting, consider cleaning up the least decluttered room first. That, or you could clear out the smallest room at your house first. For example, you could start with your living room closet. Box winter coats, winter boots and holiday decorations. Place these items in your basement, attic or garage. Label the box using a thick marker. 

If there are eight rooms in your home, clean two rooms a week to achieve a 30 days clean goal. List each item that you are going to box, label and put away on a spreadsheet or piece of paper. Also, add items that you are going to donate to charity or throw away on the declutter list. After you complete the list, start removing items to finish your 30 day declutter challenge. 

How To Clean And Organize Your House In One Day

Here's how to clean and organize your house in one day. Identify a place in your home where you'll stack items that you're going to toss. Create another pile for items that you're going to donate to charity. 

Again, you may find it less challenging to start with the smallest room or closet. At first, just pull out clothes, decorations, knick knacks, etc. that you haven't used in more than two years. If your stack area is the garage, place these items in a corner of your garage floor. 

Keep the toss and donate piles separate. Set aside an entire day to complete this how to declutter your house in one day process. Recruit your partner and children to help if you don't live alone. At the end, toss throwaway items in the garbage. Actually place garbage bags at the front of your desk for pickup. 

Telephone charities and schedule a pickup for items that you're donating. You could also drop these items off to charities. Another way to get rid of items you no longer want, is to call a junk firm and have them pick the items up. 

Declutter In Major Ways

It's true. Keeping your life flowing calls for regular declutter before and after days after you complete traditional weekly cleanings. This means that decluttering is a deeper clean beyond just vacuuming, dusting and washing dishes. 


Decluttering isn't just for your house. In fact, decluttering your body may call for a healthy detox two or more times a year. To support your physical being, add Herbal Goodness super fruits, herbs, supplements and detox and cleanse non-GMO products to your diet. As a woman-owned healthy foods company, Herbal Goodness not only manufactures natural products that support you, the firm manufactures products that support your entire family. Click here to get Herbal Goodness natural, non-GMO detox and cleanse products. 

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