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Plants are awesome superfoods. Not only are plants natural, especially if they are grown and manufactured by Herbal Goodness, a woman-owned and managed company that only works with non-GMO farms, but plants are also loaded with proteins, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients. This earth grown food adds a spark to any meal. For example, kale superfood, acai, salmon, blueberries, and eggs add texture to lunches and dinner. And, plums and walnuts are superfoods that can spice up nearly any diet. 

Moringa Benefits

Among the nutrient bursting superfoods are moringa, acai, kale, sweet potatoes, guayusa, spirulina, quinoa, chlorella, black macai and lucuma. Moringa, also known as moringa oleifera, is a plant that grows in Asia, South America, India, and Africa. The moringa plant has been referred to by several names, including the miracle tree, the horseradish tree, and the Ben oil tree1

Check out these vitamins and minerals that you get when you eat moringa plain or in natural, non-GMO food products like moringa extract or moringa powder. Let's start with Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 (a great energy booster), Vitamins B3 and B6, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Moringa plant and moringa powder benefits include stronger hair and nails, improved digestion, healthier bones, improved blood sugar, and stronger vision. 

Closer Look At Super Foods

And that's just for moringa plant and moringa powder benefits. Because moringa extract gets results, pay attention to how you respond to the superfood. And, get your moringa from a company like Herbal Goodness, a company that was giving back to the community since it launched. Herbal Goodness cares about its workers and farmers. It donates 10% of its profits to empower women and girls in Africa. Talk about improving lives today and empowering tomorrow's leaders. 

Although Herbal Goodness doesn't farm and manufacture all superfoods, we wanted to share these other great superfoods with you. That's not all. We're also sharing nutrient benefits associated with these superfoods: 

  • Acai - Part of the Anthocyanin family, acai is made with water-soluble pigment 2. It can be used to reduce inflammation, among other benefits.
  • Kale - This nutrient-dense superfood offers you Vitamin C, Kaempferol, and Quercetin. In addition to strengthening your immune system, kale supports cholesterol and heart health.
  • Sweet potatoes - Fiber, vitamins, gorgeous color, and minerals are what you get with sweet potatoes, not to mention delicious taste. Brain and immune support are associated with sweet potatoes.
  • Guayusa - Want to be more alert? Consider guayusa. This is one of the superfoods that offers antioxidants and nutrients like polyphenols, saponins, zinc, potassium, and Vitamin D.
  • Spirulina - Vitamins B and D are in the superfood Spirulina. Nutrients in spirulina may improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation.
  • Quinoa - Gluten-free, quinoa gives you fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin E. Benefits that these nutrients offer range from improved energy to healthier skin.
  • Chlorella - If you're looking to detox and improve blood sugar levels, consider chlorella. Iron, Vitamin B12, and folate are key chlorella nutrients.
  • Black macai - Grown mainly in Peru, black macai has Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, iron, and potassium. It's known as a libido booster. Black macai also supports mood and energy.
  • Lucuma - In addition to supporting blood sugar and heart health, lucuma is a sweetener that has niacin, zinc, Vitamin C, and iron. 

Superfoods and Your Daily Diet

Superfoods like acai, kale superfood, black maca, greens powder, and lucuma can help you to get valuable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. A good way to add these superfoods to your daily diet is to add them to salads. For example, you could add Herbal Leaf moringa extract or organic moringa powder to a diet of kale, lucuma, and blueberries. 

herbal goodness moringa leaf extract

Another way to make a green superfood a regular part of your diet is to mix kale, lettuce, and barley grass. Top with strawberries and Herbal Goodness papaya leaves. The important thing is to get nutrient-filled superfoods in your diet every day. Click here to get natural, non-GMO superfoods like moringa, papaya, and guava. 


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